Monday, July 6, 2015

Wow. I had no idea.

So it's been a while. Again. It gets easier and easier to let the blogging go. I suppose keeping up to date on Facebook is usurping blogging these days. It's certainly easier to post a captioned photo there than it is to string my thoughts together into several paragraphs.

Sometimes easier is better. But not usually.

At any rate, I've been busy or I would have been writing more often.

I've been too busy to even check e-mail. As I've been going through the last several hundred or so, I found one from MapMyFitness that offered this:
Those two weeks of no exercise in late May and early June killed my progress for the year. But I'm less than 40 miles below my 600-mile mid-year goal, so it's still not unreachable.

And, frankly, most women my age aren't putting that many hours into fitness. So yay! Debbi for the win!

And USA WOMEN for the World Cup win last night! What a lot of fun that was, and I don't think anyone expected the US to dominate as they did.

The knitting, running walking, reaping and eating is pretty much the same as it ever was. I hope your holiday was everything you wanted it to be.

I would hope all the feel-good 4th of July feelings would result in less divisiveness as a country. But the number of rebel battle flags I see flying would indicate otherwise.

What's it going to take?

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denise said...

Yay Debbi indeed! Your progress to date is very impressive even if it didn't meet your mid-year goal.

I thought when the weather turned more temperate this Spring that I would start walking, but every time I think about it, it feels like too much - too much trouble, too much time, too much potential pain, too much sweat, too much inconvenience, even too much of a risk - it seems like it's just been so difficult to breath this Spring. Northeastern allergies are hitting me hard, I think.

Anyway, you are absolutely right that most women your age are not putting in the time and/or effort that you do - and i'm definitely one of those not doing it! This week is Arts Festival week here, and there's always lots of walking involved, so maybe that will get me started and feeling better about keeping it up…fingers crossed!