Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A not-surgery post

Anyone not comatose knows by now that right-wing nuts and fundamental Christians (which may be the same thing, but I'm not sure) are mad at Starbucks. A crazy preacher did a YouTube video suggesting we all tell our baristas our name is "Merry Christmas" so she or he would have to write it on the ombré red but otherwise unadorned cup.

Because a red cup with a green logo isn't Christmas-y enough for him.

Well, you don't get to be a billionaire by encouraging the populace to buy stuff from a company you don't like. So Donald Trump has upped the ante by saying this:
“Maybe we should boycott Starbucks. I don’t know,” he said. “Seriously, I don’t care.”
Maybe Starbucks should roll out a new cup design with baby Jesus in a manger on it, and start a REAL war on Christmas. Whichever cup sells better wins.

Which really means Starbucks would win, if winning means making a huge profit on already overpriced hot beverages. 'Cause you know everyone will flock to the one on their corner for a Gingerbread Peppermint Whatever to show whose side they're on.

I mean, I have friends who went to Starbucks for a red cup of the devil's brew yesterday who would otherwise be perfectly happy supporting the local roasted beanery – or drinking home-brewed.

And you know how lazy Democrats are when it comes to voting. [Insert heavy sigh here.] I guess not voting with your dollars, though.

Trump also said:
“If I become president, we’re all going to be saying, ‘Merry Christmas’ again. That I can tell you.”
Well, guess what? No one is telling you not to say 'Merry Christmas.' Even if your employer tells you 'Happy Holidays' is the company policy, the boss isn't going to be standing over your shoulder every time you ring up someone's Made-in-China crap.

Wish someone well. But don't stop at Christmas. Actions speak louder than words. If you really want to bless someone during the holidays …
  • Donate to a local food bank.
  • Adopt a needy child from an angel tree.
  • Leave a huge tip for your busy waiter or waitress. And your hotel maid.
  • Leave caps and scarves in an area of your town where they might be picked up and used.
Those are just a few ideas to get you started. What else can you think of that would bless someone during this most wonderful time of the year? (The jury's out on that one, by the way.)

Merry Christmas.


gingerzingi said...

OMG. I just can't even, with that Starbucks nonsense.

On the one hand, yes I think people should vote with their dollars. I will never spend a penny at Chik-fil-a. But I just can't get all bent out of shape because a corporation isn't "celebrating" my religious holidays in the manner I think they should. People have forgotten that businesses don't owe them this. The mall isn't required to play your favorite carol or put up a Christmas tree - the very people who complain about the imaginary War on Christmas seem to have forgotten that it's a religious celebration that they should be observing themselves, instead of whining about what others are doing.

See this excellent article on Jezebel about Trump and his "Merry Christmas."


Debbi said...

HAH! I had to share that article on FB. BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing it. And have a FABULOUS day off.