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I really didn't realize how much walking improved my mood until I couldn't walk any more.

Here's the thing: I NEED to lose some weight before I have this hip surgery. The surgery will be less complicated and the recovery will go more smoothly if I weighed less.

My excuses are all good ones:

  • NO exercise – don't believe what you read about exercise not being a factor in weight loss.
  • Along with that, those endorphins aren't getting released and I'm in a funky mood most of the time.
  • I'm bored, bored, bored – and I eat when I'm bored.
  • Motrin relieves my pain better than anything else, but makes my stomach hurt.
  • Eating makes my stomach not hurt.

Maybe they're not such good excuses, but they're the ones I'm using, to my detriment.

My future physical therapist, who also is a friend, tried to reassure me that the repair will work and I'll be raring to go, once the recovery period is over. I have, maybe, used that as an excuse as well. Delay, delay, delay … hey! She's a professional!

At any rate … something needs to change. I have to rest a lot (to minimize the pain). But I don't have to rest and eat snacks.

I just had breakfast half an hour ago. My stomach is growling. What would you do?



Debbi said…
I've not figured out how to knit while lying down. Very painful to sit. :-(
Anonymous said…
Take a deep breath, chick.

Look, you do not NEED to lose weight for the surgery. The surgery will happen no matter what you weigh and you'll recover from it no matter what you weigh. In the meantime, putting this pressure on yourself isn't helping. It isn't helping you lose weight and it definitely isn't helping your emotional state. I think you should let go of it; just let go of the goal and live your best without making everything about that one thing.

In a more practical sense, I recommend just doing damage control. If you can't stop eating - and I know, I've been there! - then fill your refrigerator with carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, radishes, and kale, and give yourself permission to eat as much as you please. Eat all damn day.

I'm sorry you're going through this. Just don't start smoking again, all right? ;-)
Debbi said…
No chance of starting to smoke again. None.

Thanks for understanding and for your suggestions. Excellent suggestions! Clearly I need to lighten up, but it's hard for me to see that without a nudge.

That's why I still blog. Many thanks.
denise said…
Surely someone as clever and resourceful as you are can find a way to knit while laying down. What if you're propped up just slightly by pillows and tuck your elbows into your sides for support and knit upward? You'll build some arm strength and you might lose a few pounds just giggling at your attempts before you get it right! ;-)

Or, if you have to lay on your side, how about getting back into your drawing - you've done some beautiful art work. If you have to lay on your writing arm side, then you could attempt some "opposite hand" drawing - could be some interesting and amusing results.

Perhaps you could take advantage of the new "Adult Coloring Books" (sounds dirty, but there are actually some cool designs out there these days).

How about all of those books you've always been meaning to read? (I just assume everybody has that list.) Have a tablet or e-reader? Most libraries these days have digital lending options - you can download to your device and never have to leave the house. Personally, I still strongly prefer "real" books, but reading digitally can be a convenient alternative under some circumstances.

Of course, it does seem like even though I dream of a time when I have nothing better to do than just read books and laze around, it somehow feels less special when you actually get a lot of time to do that. Life is so contrary sometimes!

But then, you probably know all this. Fundamentally, I agree with Gingerzingi - chill and enjoy it as best you can. Those of us out here in your blogland are thinking of you and wishing you well!
Toledo Lefty said…
If you are genuinely hungry half an hour after eating, you need to look at what you're having for breakfast. Obviously it isn't satisfying you.

Be nice to yourself. You're an active person and you've been sidelined by a serious medical problem.

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