Monday, December 14, 2015

Five weeks from today

If all goes as planned – schedule doesn't change, insurance agrees to pay, surgeon and patient are both present for the procedure – I will have a new hip joint on Martin Luther King day.

Which is, as noted in today's post title, five weeks from today.

Christmas came early for us, with the delivery and assembly of a new treadmill. We literally wore our old one out. You could smell something electrical going on when you walked on it. I'm kind of proud of us for not turning it into a clothes hanger (which would have been kind of hard to do, since it wasn't in the bedroom).

Seriously. How many people do you know who have worn out a treadmill?

Anyway. I decided to try it out yesterday. I don't feel safe walking on the road, and it hurts too much to do that anyway. I figured if walking on the treadmill hurt, I could get off and have a seat on the nearby comfy couch. And I figured holding on to the handrails would give me some extra stability.

Yes, I know you burn fewer calories when you hold on. Burning calories isn't the point of the exercise at this time. Staying mobile is.

My goal was half an hour at 2 mph. Which is laughable compared to some of my epic treadmill workouts of the past. I remember running seven miles on it when it was too icy outside to do a training run for my first half-marathon. SEVEN. MILES.

No matter. I did it.

And then I sat down on the nearby comfy couch, with my knitting, and watched Love Actually.

Christmas can come any time now. Heh.

Well, maybe not. I have some food things to do, and some wrapping and mailing to do. The longest-distance packages will go out today. The rest will go tomorrow. The food things will happen sometime this week, while I still have a wee bit o'freezer space.

And the countdown to January 18 continues.

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gingerzingi said...

I'm glad you have a date set, that must be a relief.

Smiling at the image of you watching Love Actually and knitting. Sounds cozy!