Monday, December 28, 2015

Three …

Three weeks from today I'll be prepping for the hip surgery. I have a few thoughts this week between holidays …

  • I'm grateful that what's wrong with me can be fixed. 
  • I'm grateful for a financial cushion which makes the expenses for this procedure possible.
  • I'm grateful for the Affordable Care Act. Although insurance companies are still making a profit from human illness (which I think is wrong), my expenses for this procedure are not out of reach.
  • I'm grateful for the ability – still – to clean my house, cook food, do laundry. All of these things take more time than they used to, so …
  • I'm grateful for patience and willingness to work with what I have, instead of feeling frustrated about my loss of mobility.

I also have a few wishes:

  • I wish everyone who is in pain would find relief.
  • I wish everyone facing surgery has a successful outcome.
  • I wish everyone who has a much more serious illness or condition will find comfort and peace.

I'm so lucky. Generally I dismiss people who say "it could be worse," because each person's situation is unique to them.

But … it could be worse.

Looking ahead to next weekend, my friend Vickie and I have come up with a Leap Year Photo Challenge. She did all the prompts and created the website. I did the graphics. We're a team!

If you found a camera under the Christmas tree, or if your new phone's camera is still a mystery, we invite you to join the fun!

And with that … I'm having a new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal installed today. Whatever I need to do that requires water needs to be done prior to the start of the project. So I'd better get moving!

Slowly …


denise said...

Good news - I can attest that January joint replacement surgeries are very successful! I had my knee replaced 1/22/13, and it has apparently taken well enough to withstand the fall I took last week, so I'm sure your hip surgery will be equally successful! :-)

Can't wait for you to get to the other side of your hip issues and find relief from your pain!

Debbi said...

I don't like wishing my life away, but I seriously can't wait for the next three weeks to fly by.

I'm really happy your knee is all right. I now understand why people of a certain age – ahem – are so afraid of falling. I'd never given it a second thought, unless I had to climb up on the roof!