Saturday, February 6, 2016

How am I doing? Glad you asked.

Pretty well. In fact, much better than I ever thought I would be at not quite the weeks post-surgery.

The doctor says I have to keep using assistance for four weeks total, after which I can walk on my own, use the treadmill, bend more than 90 degrees ... in other words, all restrictions lifted.

I'm allowed to drive, but my husband is still a little nervous about letting me, so he's still the chauffeur.

We've walked outside three times this week, still on flat ground. I'll wait until mid-month to try hills. I've done stairs several times with no problems at all.

We've made quite a dent in the meals I prepared and froze before the operation. Two nights ago, though, I decided to cook dinner - spaghetti with mushroom sauce - and I did fine. And it was delicious.

Everything I do takes longer than normal, a combination of cane+careful. Good thing I have plenty of time on my hands. Heh.


Vickie said...

I remember hip replacement people in yoga classes being restricted from some positions for life, but I can't remember what they were. Even if you never ever do yoga, it would probably be good to know. Glad you are doing so well.

Toledo Lefty said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well! Congratulations on the successful surgery.

I would imagine that just like for people without hip replacements, you should let your body guide you. Hope that you will enjoy walking again once you are not in pain.