Friday, January 6, 2017

Treading the mill

I wasn't able to do any intentional walking yesterday at all, so called it a rest day and gave up the guilt about it. Even so, I logged more than 6000 steps. Not bad for a rest day.

I downloaded an audiobook yesterday from our library commission and set up everything I needed on my phone to listen to it. Heading to the treadmill since the roads are icy and it's f-f-f-freezing outside.

The big mystery I alluded to a couple days ago is that our Medicare Advantage plan covers the fees to join the local gym. I had every intention of getting there one day this week, but the apple cart called Life kind of got turned on end, and that never happened. But it will … I printed out the membership card and my plan is to use the weight machines for a couple months and then move to free weights.

I also want to use the bike, to help build up my leg muscles. The only equipment we have is a rowing machine and a treadmill. The rowing machine is difficult for me to get on and off, because of the artificial hip. I think strengthening my leg muscles will help. I like the results of rowing WAY more than I like rowing, and I'm hoping as time goes on and I lose some weight that the desire for results will motivate me to actually row.

Today, though, all I have to do is get from the house to the second floor of the garage. Which is where I'm headed now. Hope your day goes well and your apple cart runs smoothly.

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