Monday, May 19, 2008

The running

Since both of you readers have popped over from the old blog, I probably don't need to explain why this one includes the word "run" in the title. But for history's sake, I think I'll 'splain it anyway.

I took up running not quite two years ago, inspired by my husband's son who, on the morning of a big family party, went out for a 15-mile run. He was training for the 2006 New York City Marathon.

Those of us standing on the porch watching him trot down the road were astonished that anyone would go running on the morning of a party, let alone run 15 miles.

Even more astonishing, he spent the remainder of the day moving chairs around to accommodate guests, mingling with said guests, joining several of us for a late dinner and never once mentioned that he'd gone for an impossibly long run that morning.

He inspired two of us – me and my husband's cousin's wife – to get moving. She has since begun a regular running regimen and has completed two 5Ks. And running has become my primary form of intentional activity – the other is, of course, knitting. I've completed a four- and 10-mile race and two half-marathons.

I start training for another race next month, although since the event doesn't take place until late November I really could wait until July or August to begin.

I love training. I make a big chart and give myself a star for every completed run. I feel fit, physically and mentally, when I'm running regularly with a goal in the distance.

Middle-aged, overweight women don't win races, of course. But showing up at the starting line and crossing the finish line are winning moments nonetheless.

So. There you have it. The knitting, the running, the repeating of both, with all sorts of other things thrown in to keep life interesting.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for linking me to your blogs and thanks for the inspiration you all provide for me.

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M@rla said...

"Middle-aged, overweight women don't win races, of course"

Au contraire. Showing up - running - finishing. If you get two out of three, you've won.