Friday, May 16, 2008

The knitting

So. I bet you're wondering what, exactly, does "Knit. Run. Repeat." mean?

Or maybe not.

If you read the old blog, you know that I knit. A lot. Actually I don't knit as much as I used to, since I now live in southern Middle of Nowhere. My children and their families are scattered across the south, as well, so knitting isn't quite the obsession it was when I was sending mittens and sweaters and hats, oh my!, to Wisconsin.

But lots of babies have been born lately and my favorite, favorite gift has been Doddy. I've made five so far this year. The first was rather large, the second was somewhat smaller and the last three were smaller still. Because knitting three identical items? It gets kind of boring after the first.

Also this year I've made a cap and mittens for the two days a year my younger granddaughter will need them, and am working on a zip-front hoodie for her for Christmas.

So what if it's not even Memorial Day? When you're a knitter, ya gotta knit.


Joan said...

Time to clean up my bookmarks! I like your new blog title, too.

ws said...

I know a little baby who would love a ball of yarn with a bell in the middle. too bad he has a mean mother that takes away his toys when they start to fray.