Friday, June 27, 2008

The Great CD Transfer Project

One good thing about transferring music from CDs to iTunes to your iPod is that you really can’t snicky-snack while you’re doing it. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t want to get crumbs on my CDs or have something spill in the CD tray. I’m taking a chance just drinking coffee during the process.

This is going to take a long time. I’ll get some exercise doing it, though. We keep our CDs in an old lawyer’s bookcase in the house. The computer is in the upstairs of the garage. I could dump the CDs in a box and bring them all over at once, but:
  • it would be too heavy to carry, and
  • I would miss out on the stairclimbing activity.
I’m in the Ds now, but since iTunes alphabetizes by artists’ first names, I’m really still in the Bs. And since I’m only about a fourth of the way through the Bob Dylan collection, I’m going to be here for, oh, a while. Maybe another lifetime.

The shopping trip yesterday turned into some kind of weight workout. I didn’t realize just how wobbly one of the front wheels of the shopping cart was until I’d already loaded it with 80 lbs. of water softener salt, 40 lbs. of dog food, two cases of water and all the other crap I couldn’t live without. I couldn’t figure out why my arms hurt when I woke up this morning – it was from trying to keep the cart going straight, when all it wanted to do was turn right!

Running? Knitting? Lately, not so much. Maybe today, though, for both. Have a great weekend! I plan to.

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ws said...

If you said you were done with the CD transferring project in one day I would have been really, really jealous. I had to abandon my project, it was too painful. Of course that might be because some of my CDs still have waffle cone batter on them from my Ben & Jerry's days.