Monday, June 16, 2008


Or, rather, catch up.

Now that I’m an eBay enterpreneur, I spend a lot of time at the computer but very little of it has been spent blogging. You obviously know that, since both of you were checking up on me over the weekend. Heh. I find myself obsessively watching My eBay to see how many items will sell and which ones have too high an opening bid.

In between those demanding tasks, I check and respond to e-mail and play solitaire or Scrabble®.

I did find time this weekend to complete the little knitted doll I’m giving my granddaughter for her first birthday next month. Even my husband pronounced it ‘sweet.’ Each time I’ve made one of these I’m convinced it’s going to be too small. She turned out to be 12 inches tall – half an inch shorter than the pattern original and just the right size for a year-old baby.

I’m back to working on the triplets’ sweaters now. The first of six sleeves is about half finished. Six sleeves sounds daunting, but baby sweaters are so little that it really hasn’t been bad at all. Ask me again when I start the sixth one, though!

No running happened this weekend here in the Middle of Nowhere. At. All. I’ve had some kind of contact dermatitis thang going on for several days now, which has been keeping me up at night. Lack of sleep = lack of energy; thus, I’ve been pretty much doing what has to be done and the heck with intentional exercise. I think I’ve figured out the issue. One thang that had to be done yesterday was to launder – using a third brand of detergent in four days – all the bed linens and all my clothes yet again. I have some slight itching now, but nothing like it’s been the last two or three days. I really should get out there for a walk, at least; the temperature is perfect right now. A wee bit chilly, as a matter of fact.

And today I need to get back on the South Beach horse. It works for me, but it’s boring and there’s no wiggle room for stress or fatigue or any of the other excuses I use when I want to eat crap. When my husband and I were in Florida we found a little Greek restaurant that had the best warm pita bread either of us have ever eaten. I made hummus and homemade pitas for him yesterday (from the dogs, for Father’s Day), and I can tell you right now that my diet downfall will always, always be bread. Not chocolate, not candy, not even ice cream. Soft, warm, chewy, doughy … okay, that’s enough o’ that.

I was up until midnight last night watching another Celtics comeback slip away. Oh, well, victories at home are much sweeter. (I sure hope I’m not jinxing them by saying that.)

My dad continues to get better and better and better. I will never question miracles or angels again. Never.

That is all …


Grumpy Chair said...

Cute knitted baby doll and nice to read that your dad continues to get better each day.

Bread is my big downfall too. I started SB today and just got back from the gym. Now if I can just get through the next 11 hours . . .

Laura N said...

Well I don't know WHERE I've been, but I've finally realized you have a new blog...since Alicia posted in hers today. DUH. I'm so slow, it hurts my brain sometimes.

Anywho, I'm glad I found you again. I kept checking your old blog every week or so for you!

Looking forward to ketch-ing-up with you again. =)