Saturday, June 28, 2008

Le projet - il a fini!

I probably could have spent the time more productively, but I’m actually very happy to report that the great CD Transfer Project is as finished as it’s going to be for now.

This (the top three shelves):

now fits on this (with lots o’ room to spare):

What remains to be transferred are my husband’s classical CDs, most of which I don’t listen to and I can pretty much guarantee I won’t need them on my next road trip. I like peppy, familiar stuff when I’m driving, and I have more than 3000 tunes (3417 to be exact) from which to choose. If I should get a hankering for something soothing, Copland’s Appalachian Spring and Beethoven’s Symphony #7 are already on the iPod.

Also on the iPod are Juno – I used an application called Handbrake to compress it for iPod viewing – and Scrabble®! I just found out that it was available for the iPod and for only five bucks, how could I resist? Tetris is available, too, but – gasp! – I’ve never played Tetris, so I’m not shelling out the big bucks until I try it.

Okay, I’m now backing away from the computer. Time for baseball (Yankees at the Mets) and knitting.


mbuster835 said...

Good to find your blog again. I've missed it so much. Not sure how I didn't realize that you had changed sites but I did. Also, along with Nancy, missed the triplets. Just thought it was my bad memory until someone else said they had missed that little note. Good to have you to read again.

Laura N said...

All hail the mighty iPod! That's an impressive project to finish. What are you going to do with the CD's? Donate them?

Anne M. said...

Yayayay you for finishing the transfer project -- it was a huge undertaking but isn't it satisfying? I still have a bunch of my CD's sitting in CD notebooks, but I weeded out most and usually just listen to the iPod. Perhaps this will inspire me to do another purge.