Monday, June 30, 2008

If, if, if …

If I run the Space Coast Marathon, I have five months to train. Considering that I haven’t run at all in nearly two weeks (I’ve been walking, not running), I would have to spend the month of July getting ready to train. And since the first two weeks of July are pretty much booked, I can only imagine what August through November will feel like, training for a 26.2-mile jaunt along the Indian River.

Then, of course, there’s the husband, who thinks 26.2 miles is about 13.1 miles too many for me to run any time.

The more I read about this marathon, though, the more I think it would be perfect for my first. There is, of course, the theme. Space! Flying! A rocket launch on the Jumbotron to get you out of the gate and you can watch yourself crawl across cross the finish line on the same Jumbotron at the end.

Then there is the location. At first I thought it was in Titusville, which is about an hour north of my dad’s home. With a 6 a.m. start time, I wasn’t sure about the logistics. Upon closer scrutiny, the venue is much further south, making it easier for me to get up and be there on time, and easier for my family to make it to the finish line.

There are two major drawbacks. The first is the actual date – it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We will have to stay here in the Middle of Nowhere for Thanksgiving, given that my mother-in-law would otherwise be alone. I’m not sure how up for running a marathon I would be after driving for two days.

The most exciting drawback is that my husband and I are thinking of snowbirding from January to March, 2009. If we do, it would be silly to make the effort to do Space Coast in November when I could do Miami on January 25. Wouldn’t it?

Decisions, decisions.

Laura asked in a comment yesterday if I was going to donate my CDs, now that all the songs have been loaded onto my computer and iPod. Um, I’ve read too many horror stories about crashing hard drives and broken/stolen iPods to get rid of them. So, no, I don’t think so. I might ditch the cases and just store the CDs in a binder. Like I said before:

Decisions, decisions.

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Laura N said...

You could always start training for Space Coast, see how it's going and as you get closer to deciding on whether you will spend Winter 2009 in Florida, make a final decision. I think the Miami marathon sounds very appealing, but obviously only if you are spending 3 months in Florida.

I hadn't even thought of you losing your hard drive or iPod. I am so stupidly trusting in my PC. That makes sense to put your CD's in a case (my girlfriend kept the liner notes in the sleeve above and the CD's in the sleeve below, but she's organized like Martha Stewart).