Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wanted: Moderate temperatures, low humidity, all year round

Running in our current weather conditions could not be more perfect. I don’t have to get out early to beat the heat, I go farther and faster (well, faster for me, not faster than you) without pooping out and I enjoy it so much more than when the number of degrees equals the percentage of humidity.

I know some of you can walk this fast, but I can’t – the combination of short legs and advanced age precludes it. Any day I can break a 12-minute mile is a good day. (I walked the last third of a mile. Just so you know I wasn’t dying on the fifth lap.)

Anyone know of a place on earth where it’s 70° and around 50% humidity all day, every day? If you do, I’m moving!

Food has not been good the past two days and I’m afraid to look at the scale. So I’m not going to.

So there. Heh.

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ws said...

Palo Alto, CA has reasonably nice weather year round. Must be payback for the high cost of living...