Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four years later …

We used to have a pool in our side yard, a ridiculously expensive hole in the ground that took tons o’ work to maintain. The amount of enjoyment we received from it was far less than the amount of time and money we spent taking care of it.

When the liner finally couldn’t take another repair, and a replacement was going to cost $10,000(!), we decided to fill it in. That was four years ago.

During those years we’ve had this squat little building sitting in the yard facing what used to be the pool. We filled it with odds and ends – books, furniture, Christmas decorations – and ignored it.

Until this year. Getting rid of the poolhouse has been high on my husband’s retirement priority list, and yesterday was the Beginning of the End.

Today’s exercise will consist largely in bagging insulation and roofing material and carrying it down the driveway for the sanitation department to take away. Thank goodness we’re not so far out in the Middle of Nowhere that we don’t have weekly garbage pick-up.

For once in my recent life, I wish I were running. Heh.

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Laura N said...

I sure hope it's not 95 degrees out there. You'll get some great exercise from all the lifting. What pretty views from the middle of nowhere!