Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A case of the blahs

I’m going to attempt the Richmond Half-Marathon this fall. I originally thought the date was Nov. 8; turns out it’s the 15th, giving me an extra week before Serious Training commences.

That delay, combined with my doctor’s admonition to stay out of the sun and the slight puffiness from the steroids I’ve been taking (last one went down this morning!) has contributed to a case of the blahs. Or the lazies. You make the call.

Other than filling and moving trash bags for an hour or two the past couple days, my intentional exercise has been nil. Nada. Nyet. I could get used to this.

But then I remember how much I enjoy training – sticking with the schedule, adding bright little stars to my calendar when I’ve completed a workout, progressing and improving as time goes on – and suddenly I can’t wait for Monday. Because, according to the schedule, Monday is … are you ready? … a REST DAY!


1 comment:

L.G. said...

Oooh! You'll be driving right PAST me! I can even ATTEND! Yay, maybe we can meet! The Richmond is a good race; it's a nice route.