Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Of chips and cheese and cha-ching

Mary commented yesterday that the price of chips and mac & cheese are probably pretty reasonable. I honestly wouldn’t know (although I suspect she’s quite correct), since I only buy chips once a year and when I make mac & cheese, I make it from scratch.

Not this year, though. At $1.65 for one of those deluxe-type side dishes, there’s no way a “from-scratch” pasta casserole can compete. But I can afford to jazz up the boxed version. Heh.

I don’t mean to sound like we don’t have enough money to eat, because that would be wrong. And not true. My husband picked what may be the worst possible time to retire, though. Now that we know what it means to live on a fixed income, we are more aware than ever of The Price of Things.

There is a little mom-and-pop grocery store seven miles south of us (the Tiny Kroger is 12 miles north). This little market sells your basic fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, so we went there yesterday for tomatoes – 99¢ a pound, and they’re beautiful.

The Price of Sitting on My Ass in Front of the Computer this morning is that the things I didn’t check off yesterday’s list will not get done without my presence and participation. So I’d best get going. Thanks for reading, and if you’re an American, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.


Laura N said...

What kills me is spending almost $4 a gallon on milk. We are eating at home much more than we used to, though, and anything is cheaper than eating out all the time (which is another trap American working families fall into and aren't as much b/c of the cost of everything).

Hope your prep work is getting done today!

Anne M. said...

Lots of people are more aware of The Price of Things and making choices they never thought they'd have to make to afford gas and food and other things that we've taken for granted. Eating food that's fresh and local is better for us as well as cheaper - those tomatoes sound perfect for a summer dinner.

Mary Gee said...

99รง for tomatoes? Really? It might be worth it to come there for those... wait... probably not. But I paid $3.99 for tomatoes today.