Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hoo boy

Why have I parked my ass on the Swiss ball in front of the computer when I have a bajillion things to do to get ready for:
  • 4th of July company, and
  • a trip to North Carolina, followed immediately by
  • a trip to Florida?
Because I really don’t want to start checking things off that long, long to-do list.

Seriously, I have to cook like 15 things today, plus sweep and mop the floors, make a quick-but-important trip to town and go to a meeting 25 miles away tonight. My husband has promised to do the half-dozen or so cleaning things on the second list. We’ll see how that goes. Heh.

Yesterday morning my husband and I took a 10K walk together (3.5 mph pace), which is always nice. I seriously can’t remember one time that we’ve every walked and had any kind of disagreement. I tend to be chatty, while he likes to listen and think, so it works pretty well for us. He did relist all his reasons why I shouldn’t try running a marathon at my age. Grrr.

While I was at the grocery yesterday, I realized that higher food prices may be the answer to this country’s obesity epidemic. Seriously, who can eat when a 10-oz. container of grape tomatoes is selling for $4.99? I was astonished! Not only can one not afford grape tomatoes, the very fact that one would have to hand over a five-dollar bill (plus tax – we are in West Virginia, where they tax everything) for them simply takes your appetite away.

I see a new diet book in my future. You’d buy it, wouldn’t you?

Posting for the next couple of weeks will be spotty … please don’t delete me from your Google Readers!


Mindy said...

Debbi - I think your comments on food costs/quantity is interesting. I have never been good at creatively using the huge quantities that some foods come packaged in. So either it goes to waste or I eat way more than I should because I don't want to waste it. It can practically be a full time job carefully buying food in the right quantities to use it all, make it into something healthy and not waste anything.

Mary Gee said...

Tomatoes are expensive, but I bet potato chips haven't gone up - or mac and cheese. Only GOOD food is expensive.

Anne M. said...

Honey, I'd buy any book you write :) You're right about the changes to eating based on food prices. I see people deliberating more in the store - and making fewer trips to save gas.

Have a good trip. We'll be here when you return!