Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe I should dye my hair

Described as “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules,” Wonder Woman has been an iconic superheroine since her comic-book creation in the ’40s. She achieved new status as a television heroine to little girls growing up in the mid to late ’70s.

Yesterday, she was me. Heh.

Sort of. No one has ever described me as ‘beautiful,’ and I certainly wasn’t swift on my long (six miles) run. Missed the target time by more than four minutes.

I always start out too fast. I was pretty much whipped by the fourth mile. Today the front of my thighs are very sore. I’m just glad I don’t have blisters or any other kind of foot pain. Thigh muscle pain works itself out in a day or two. Usually.

Wisdom – in knowing when to speak up and when to shut up – was a small part of my Sunday. I could have done better; Wonder Woman certainly would have.

The strong part I have down pat. After my morning run, I:
  • cleaned water (50 gallons Sunday, 75 Friday) from my mother-in-law’s basement
  • mowed three acres
  • did two loads of laundry
  • moved three heavy tables
  • collapsed
I guess WW would have gone on to leap tall buildings in a single bound rule the world with love and insight, but I couldn’t make it past 9:30 p.m.

Hope your weekend was more restful than mine was. I need a nap! Unfortunately I need to go clean more water out of that basement. And meet the plumbers. Even Wonder Woman couldn’t fix this basement without plumbers.


denise said...

I need a nap just reading about your weekend. I feel guilty because I just worked at my office on Saturday and then treated myself to a day of reading yesterday - it was wonderful!

Of course I feel even more guilty because I'm moving (for the first time in 18 years so you can imagine how much crap that is) in 3 weeks and haven't put a single thing in a single box yet - although the house is stacked full of empty boxes so I'm part way there!

BTW, isn't it interesting that Wonder Woman and Weight Watchers have the same abbreviations? I was wondering, as I read your post the first time, how Weight Watchers would have gone on to rule the world...LOL...

Laura N said...

Holy cow that's a lot of work. No wonder you dropped at 9:30 p.m.

I'm forcing myself to slow down on my early miles. Trying to train so that I'm faster toward the end than at the beginning. It's really hard. But no one said running would be easy. Plus, it's rewarding to get those negative splits.

Has no one (Mr SK, hint hint) bought you a Garmin yet? Are you really training for your half without one? I think you should splurge. It's such an extraordinary way to train. I've got the old model, the 205 w/o the heart monitor, and it works great and I don't need the fancy stuff from the new styles.

And just think, you'd have a new toy to play with. I know you like your toys.

denise said...

Another BTW - I had a trainer a few years back who absolutely swore by the miraculous healing powers of epsom salts. He was always specific about putting A LOT of them in - not just a tablespoon or something.

And, as it turned out, he did know what he was talking about with that one. It did seem to work and I later read an article about how epsom salts do something or other with the lactic acid in the muscles and help take away the ache. However, they're only effective within a relatively short time period after the event that has or will cause you to have sore muscles - maybe 8-24 hours or something like that.

Anyway, if you continue to have soreness, I highly recommend a nice epsom salt soak in the tub!

Grumpy Chair said...

That was Wonder Womanish! Whew!

I have always wanted those WW bracelets.