Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new record!

Perhaps I’m returning to childhood, at least in sleep habits. Or maybe following the sage advice of Ben Franklin? Last night I was in bed (reading) as soon as Jeopardy was over.

I missed my weight-training workout yesterday morning, but more than made up for it by spreading five tons of gravel yesterday afternoon. If (when?) the WPA starts up again, my husband and I will be in line for supervisor positions, ’cause we sure have racked up enough experience in hard physical labor lately.

Five tons is a lot of gravel, my friends. Not only did it take more than 20 minutes to spread (my usual weight workout time), we’re not done! I got seriously dizzy late in the process and had to stop before I passed out.

I must say, I much prefer accomplishing a task to simply hoisting dumbbells. But I’m already beginning to see the benefits of the little bitty bit of weight training I’ve been doing. My husband and I moved a lot of furniture from his mother’s basement yesterday morning. And then – on the same day! – moved all that gravel from a big pile into a large area that is now a couple inches deep. (The gravel is for weed control under a beautiful birch tree. When the whole area is finished, I’ll post a photo.) Muscles matter, what more can I say?

To address a couple of things from yesterday’s comments … Laura, I do have a Garmin (the 205) and I was wearing it Sunday. Every time I thought I’d been running at a reasonable pace, a quick check showed I was a couple minutes faster than I wanted to be. Then I’d think, ‘well, you’re dong pretty good at this pace; maybe you really can run a little faster.’ Then I’d die. I have no discipline.

And Denise (who is apparently blogless, but I wish she weren’t, ’cause I love reading her comments) mentioned epsom salts. I haven’t used this miracle product in years and years and years. My mother used to have us soak sprained limbs in an epsom-salt solution. I think I’ll pick up a box next time I’m in town. Thanks for the suggestion!


Grumpy Chair said...

Glad you stopped before you passed out. Are you in a heat wave too? Moving five tons of gravel is quite an accomplishment! Be careful finishing it and stay hydrated.

I love the epsom salt foot soaks. After soaking and drying your feet, roll a tennis ball under your foot for a few minutes.

I had me "grr" with me this afternoon and will be wearing it tomorrow for the temporary order hearing.

G.G. said...

Ooooo--I have to give a shout out for the epsom salts. Epsom salts are a lovely, inexpensive friend to sore muscles (not just feet). I use them in the bathtub for a full body soak.

I hope that is not TMI.