Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The treadmill is my friend

– at least when it comes to pacing.

Yesterday’s easy run was a repeat of last Tuesday’s: two miles at a 12:47 pace.

It hardly seems worth it to me to work up a sweat for anything less than three miles, though, so I started out at a brisk walk, bumped it to a slow run after one lap and hit my stride (a 12:30 pace, or 4.8 mph) at the first half mile.

After 2.5 miles I was able to kick it up to 5 mph and finished the last lap at 5.5 mph.

Three miles total at a 12:39 pace. Pretty speedy for an old, slow, fat lady. Heh.

Worked some more on the gravel yesterday. I’m putting large rocks around the perimeter of the area, and am halfway finished with that. I need to gather more rocks from another part of the property.

For that job, the wheelbarrow is my friend.

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