Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It’s not what you say, it’s who you know


I donated ten bucks to Jennette’s Bop to the Top fund, she included my link in her blog and my traffic quadrupled! Thanks, Jennette! And great job on climbing 37 flights of stairs without puking or passing out. (I’m guessing all of J’s readers visited this guy’s blog – how brilliant was he to donate an odd number so his link would stand out in the crowd? Heh.)

We’re still in the midst of the bathroom remodeling project. We’re using the smaller guest bath until this is done (today? Maybe?), but my husband and I are both anxious to put the master bath back together, better than ever. Having one small room turned upside-down spreads havoc (and clutter) throughout the house.

All the crap that used to live in the bathroom is now jumbled in boxes and stored in the guest room. All the crap the workers are using to replace fixtures, lay tile and repair plumbing are piled on throw rugs in the living room. Oh, and on the countertops in the bathroom. The doors also are in the guest room, awaiting paint, which won’t happen until spring.

I painted one door (there are three) by hand and it looks horrible! I will eventurally spray-paint all the doors, but until it warms up we’re going to have coffee-with-cream walls, white woodwork and grey doors.


But the floor is great.

As you can imagine, when one’s home is awry, so is one’s eating and exercise plan. Pasta and some kind of sauce is just about the easiest meal to fix, and I have been kidding myself by thinking that slapping two coats of paint on a door is the same as walking 40 minutes on the treadmill.

Soon, I keep telling myself, all this will be over. When calm returns to my house, so too will the motivation and energy to do real workouts. And cook nutritious food. And eat reasonable amounts of it.

Hey. I can dream, can’t I?

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