Monday, January 26, 2009

Poof! It's a pouf!

Done, done, done, done, done.

If you keep up with my Project 365 blog (yes, there are one or two people who actually look at it), then you’ve seen this project in progress. And you’ll see the same photo over there tomorrow.

The inspiration came from a photo in a magazine, which led me to find the designer here. My granddaughter loved the pouf, but we both thought $800 was a little steep for it. And besides, Grandma knits!

My stitches aren’t as big as the designer’s, but the fabric is probably denser, so I didn’t use a fabric covering over the polyester fiber filling.

My grandson wants one, and I think I’m going to incorporate some short rows into his so the top and bottom aren’t gathered so much.

Looking back over the past couple posts, I probably appear a little bipolar. I’m not, honestly, I’m just frustrated and tired. I appreciate your comments and good thoughts and commiseration – is that an example of misery loves company?

There’s so much going on around here, some of which I don’t want to share, and if food is your friend during bad times and good, then you naturally tend to go there.

Instead of the treadmill.


LG said...

Debi, I love the idea of the 365 project. I'm a little late to it but maybe I could do that.

Your Pouf looks fab!

I understand feeling frustrated and tired. I had a blast on Saturday talking to the BF's friends but yet, omg, my knees were killing me and it was so cold. That seems a bit bipolar too. :-)

knitting08816 said...

How many bags of stuffing did you need? Would a pillow case work as a liner?
It looks great! I might just have to make one.

Marla said...

I love the pouf! I'm sure yours is worth at least $800.

denise said...

Perhaps it's all the crossbreeding of the New Zealand sheep that drive the price up to $800!

Cool idea.

Doc Manette said...

I enjoyed looking through your 365 project portfolio/blog yesterday morning. You are soooo talented.

And you come up with the best post titles!