Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grrr x3

Okay, I’ve known about Leopard for a long time now, but really didn’t have any reason to upgrade my Mac’s OS. When Apple offers a great deal like their new Mac Box Set, though, it’s hard to resist.

The box came Monday, I installed it yesterday and I completely screwed up my e-mail program today. Just now, actually. So on top of a boatload of other frustrations, add that I can’t receive e-mail at the moment, nor probably for the next couple of hours.


I forgot to mention Monday how much I loved the Super Bowl halftime show. I was in the audience for one of Bruce’s original “Born to Run” tour dates back in the ’70s, so listening to Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and Born to Run in a concert setting brought back some great memories.


LG said...

Dang, I hate when that happens. :-(

It was a pretty good show (I wasn't thrilled with the current song but that's just me...) He's coming to C'ville but I couldn't afford the tix.

Hang in there!

denise said...

Ain't technology grand...