Monday, February 2, 2009

A super Sunday

What a great game! (The Super Bowl was last night, in case you’re not a sports nut.) I didn’t care who won, and had darned good reasons to root for both teams, so the outcome didn’t matter to me.

Reasons to root for the Cardinals:
  • Larry Fitzgerald, the hottest wide receiver in football pants
  • Kurt Warner, the oldest QB in football pants
  • Cuba Gooding Jr., who played for the Cardinals in Jerry Maguire
  • Not only have they never won a SB, they’ve never played in one
Reasons to root for the Steelers:
See? I couldn’t lose! Heh.

Best commercial? IMNSHO, it was this (I hope this works!):

The weather gods gave us a hint of spring yesterday. One of my weather widgets reported the mid-afternoon temperature at 65, the other at 57. Either way, it was a good day to back away from the treadmill and head outdoors. My husband and I logged a six-plus-mile walk before we settled down for our Super Bowl party for two.

It’s a good thing our “new” bathroom is so pretty, because after installing quarter-inch porcelain tile, none of the doors fit. Adjustments will need to be made; I’m not living with an open-air bathroom floorplan for too much longer. I bought slate-blue plastic bins to corral the stuff I used to store on shelves in the closet; my husband said that closet is so neat it doesn’t even need a door.

Um, I don’t think so. The difference between men and women might ultimately be how each of us defines “neat.”


Marla said...

I know this will be completely foreign to you, but I have so little interest in football it doesn't even register on a scale!

However, I saw the last 49 seconds of the game - very exciting. And a brief glimpse of this Troy Polamulu guy, who I had never heard of in my life, but that 0.5 second shot was enough for me to google him immediately.

Doc Manette said...

I loved the movie "Jerry Maguire" - mainly because of Cuba Gooding, Jr. He so deserved that Oscar.

Great walk you and the Mr. had and I hope you get a little more spring like weather.

denise said...

I totally agree on the favorite ad. Thanks for posting it. It was nice to view it again.

I grew up in central PA and have been a Steelers fan since ... well let's just say Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swan and Franco Harris were playing. So it was fun to watch them win again and a very exciting game. The Steelers always give good Super Bowl! ;-)