Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How I diet

This is just me, I’m sure, because none of you are as crazy as I am, right?

When I’m working hard at losing weight – all right, all right, when I’m dieting – I am obsessed with the next meal. I noticed this the first time I began following a “real” plan (which was Weight Watchers when I was 21 – 36 years ago). How else do I roll with a diet?
  • I read cookbooks instead of magazines to lull myself to sleep at night.
  • Breakfast for the next three days is already made.
  • Snacks – sugar-free Jell-O and ricotta cheese mousses – have overtaken the refrigerator.
  • My day revolves around mealtimes.
  • Scrubbing two bathrooms is not the same as walking two miles, so I do both.
  • I get cranky when my husband grabs a handful of trail mix every time he walks past the pantry.
There are more behavioral changes, but you get the idea. Nothing is as important as what, when and how I eat. It’s almost like I think I’ll never get to eat “good” food again, so I damned well better not miss any of this diet crap.

Perhaps it’s just Phase One Syndrome. On the other hand, anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, right? Heh.

P.S. The Bacon Salt adds a real kick to South Beach breakfast quiches.

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