Monday, February 9, 2009

No sand in my shoes!

This South Beach plan seems to be working. Duh. It's worked for so many others, why wouldn’t it work for me, if I work at it?

Of course, it’s only been four days for real, not counting the almost-two-week trial period I was on in January. Four days of no sugar, no bread, no crackers, no starchy vegetables …

or, to put it another way, four days of taking care of myself.

I haven’t felt particularly hungry and by yesterday my energy level was much improved. I thought I might keel over before the sun set Saturday, but I think I just need to remember to eat before I go for a two-hour walk.

My husband and I took his mother out for a birthday lunch yesterday at a local state park which offers a sumptuous Sunday brunch buffet – a dieter’s delight, lemme tell you. I managed to eat only salad, roast beef au jus, sautéed squash and green beans, passing up quite an array of food porn which I won’t even describe here. The only sugar-free dessert they offered was Jell-O. I passed.

I’m now down six pounds in 20 days – I've almost, almost, shed all the weight I’ve gained since Election Night. (Since we had a big party with tons o’ food – and tons o’ leftovers – I count that as the beginning of the holiday season.) Only a pound and a half to go and I’ll be back to where I’d been maintaining since late summer. Which was still too fat, but at least I wasn’t gaining.

This has been a difficult winter, in more ways than just weight gain. But the weight gain has contributed to a general feeling of “why bother,” “what’s the use,” and “let’s eat!” I hesitate to declare that I’ve turned a corner, but it kind of feels like I have.

Pop over to the photo blog to see the great new seasoning I found Saturday at Tiny Kroger. TK still doesn’t have cilantro, but this stuff probably doesn’t spoil the way unfamiliar produce does.


Doc Manette said...

Congratulations on the weight loss Debbi!

And that sounds like a great walk - 2 hours!

I'm trying to get back into eating the South Beach way (I had just started when all that bruhaha started last summer).

LG said...

Hungry Girl had some new product -- baconaise -- bacon with mayonnaise but a) it's low calorie and b) vegetarian.

Good job with the South Beach! That's also a great walk -- wasn't it nice weather this weekend?

D said...

Good job taking care of yourself in the last few days :)

denise said...

You gotta love something called "Salt" that's also subtitled "low sodium" - looks good. I'll have to look for it.

And, I'll add my congrats on your success - 6 lbs in 20 days is wonderful. What I wouldn't give for that...oh yeah, I guess what I wouldn't give is putting in the effort to eat right and exercise. ;-)

One of these days soon.

You're an inspiration.