Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soon, soon, my pretties …

Yes, soon, you’ll be getting a break from my drivel. That can mean only one thing: My dad is going home!

He’s been either in the hospital or in a rehabilitation facility for six weeks. He’s at the point now where the therapists have done about as much as they can do, and he can follow up with outpatient therapy as long as he wants to. So they’re springing him Monday morning.

I’m heading south tomorrow, but stopping along the way to visit my son and his family. My trip can be open-ended, if need be, but the plan right now is to return March 1.

South Beach Phase One is done, over, finis, ended and did I say done? I lost a total of five pounds, 3.5 the first week and a disappointing 1.5 the second. I never thought I’d be tempted to stay on Phase One, but I am. With this trip, though, I think it’s unrealistic to continue that strict regimen. Besides, I’m going to Florida! Where fruit is abundant!

So I’m celebrating the end of Phase One with steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. With cinnamon. And maybe a sprinkle of toasted walnuts. Mmmm.

Friday Quote tomorrow and then I’m outta here …


  1. Very glad to hear about your Father and hope your trip goes well!

    Also, congrats on the successful completion of Phase I!

    If you can, check out the strawberries while down in FLA. The Plant City Strawberry Festival is at the end of the month . . . .

  2. So very glad that your dad is out of the hospital and going home. Enjoy your trip to the land of plentiful fruit in the middle of winter - congrats on getting through SB Phase 1 :)


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