Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Debbi's Believe It or Not

I miss running. No, I really do! Now that the weather has officially turned from winter to spring, I feel ready to run. I had hoped to lose more weight by the time I started stepping it up, but oh, well.

Next time I hit the road (which, due to having to apply more paint to the woodwork, and then putting the living room back together, won’t be today) I’ll be doing an alternating walk/run plan until I can continuously run three miles without stopping.

You runners know what that means … a training program is in my future. But it’s a distant future; I have no spring or summer races planned. Might do Richmond again in November. (But don’t tell my husband.)

Like Marla, I’m finding that all-day physical labor can accomplish great and unexpected things. (Marla, I tried to leave you a comment but it took too long. The problem is on my end. It’s called dial-up.) I’m waking up every morning a little sore from the previous day’s activity – something that just doesn’t happen doing an hour on the treadmill.

Painting is, apparently, a full-body exercise. You just can’t paint baseboards standing up; there is a lot of stretching and bending and kneeling, oh my!

Knowing that I miss running will help me find time for adding it to a full schedule. This painting project is just the beginning. In the near future I’ll be painting another section of the living room (the one where all the furniture is right now), putting a porcelain tile backsplash up in the kitchen, painting picture frames, two end table bases and our dining room table and chairs, spray-painting four bi-fold louvered doors (and more of those in the future), spray-painting all of the wrought-iron patio furniture and planting our “recession” garden.

Honestly, I love being this busy. I wistfully thought about all the time in the past I’ve spent sitting on my ass playing computer Solitaire, and I’ll take doing things any day.

Believe it or not.

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