Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Figuring things out

While I was taping around woodwork (and taping, and taping – three sliding glass doors and two doorways, ugh) yesterday, I realized that part of why I am so frustrated with this painting project is that the Clean House team cleans, paints, organizes and redecorates in two or three days! And that guy on 24-Hour Design works a multi-room miracle in a day.

And, of course, by the time I see the results, the whole process has been compressed into a 30- or 60-minute program. With commercials.

I need a reality check, not a reality show. Heh.

Two things have made the process palatable: Diet Coke with Lime and my iPod, which I’ve set to shuffle through the Rock genre while I work.

I’ve been meaning to mention the company that fixed my broken iPod screen. If you ever need anything done to your little magic music-maker, I can highly recommend Juice Your iPod. I was apprehensive about sending my device to an unknown company, so I called them first and they said they get calls like mine all the time. They gave me a time frame (and they returned mine well within that window), charged a fair price and even sent a little bonus gift in the return package.

The taping yesterday took between three and four hours, and then I painted one doorway and one of the sliders, which took 90 minutes. Two sliders and one doorway to go (and the connecting baseboards, which I can really zip through) and I’ll be ready for … the second coat.

This is no longer Debbi’s Redecorating Project. I’ve re-christened it Debbi’s Neverending Redecorating Project.

Note to Lori: I love going to Lowe’s. I am inspired anew every time I wander through the aisles. My husband, naturally, hates going with me, since all he sees are dollar signs and all he hears is ‘cha-ching!’

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