Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It likes me! It really likes me!

For the moment, anyway, the internet is my BFF. This morning, when I really had time to blog? Not so much.

It’s not the internet that is the problem – it is what it is. It’s my stupid dial-up connection. We have two phone lines, and the one I use for the computer just isn’t very stable. Lately. It’s the newer one, too, proving once again that older is better.

More proof that older is better: iTunes Genius. When Genius was first introduced, it worked great, and I used it a lot. I’m not sure when it stopped working – could be when I upgraded the browser from Tiger to Leopard. (You Mac guys will know what I’m talking about.) Suddenly Genius won’t create a playlist out of any song, even songs it’s successfully used in the past.

It tells me it needs to gather data from my music collection and send it to Apple. So the gathering process, which used to take quite a long time, now takes mere seconds, while the data-sending portion of the task takes – well, it’s neverending. A few days ago I left the internet connected all night and wonder of wonders:
  • the computer didn’t hang itself up, and
  • Genius didn’t complete sending infromation.
Not that I thought it would. I’ve searched the Apple Support pages and the Apple Discussion Boards. I’ve provided feedback to Apple via iTunes. I’ve asked a new question on the Discussion Board (with no replies after more than 24 hours – that’s freakin’ crazy!) and I’ve asked an equally unresponded-to question on a Mac Yahoo group to which I subscribe.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Believe me, I was in a much better mood this morning.

One cool thing (with, of course, a downside) happened while I was driving to town a couple hours ago. We have, in our county, an eagle. Yep, a real, live, bald eagle, symbol of this great land. I’ve never seen it, until this morning. The downside? I was in my car. My camera, of course, was in my office.


Seriously, if anyone out there knows or can find out what the hell is wrong with iTunes Genius, I would really appreciate it. And you? You would be a genius!

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ws said...

Turned off genius and turned it back on, agreed to a user agreement it now works for every song I have tried except for my most recent purchase (The Killer's, "Human") I'm not about to test all 4200 songs though.

If only I were competent enough to network an XP machine with an 8 year old ME machine.