Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I need yet another blog

I have three blogs, two of which are active. One is for Project 365, which has lately devolved into Project 300-something. The inactive one is the late, lamented Shrinking Knitter; I stopped posting there for personal reasons. Then there’s this one, supposedly about knitting and running.

Lately it’s been about ranting. I could rename it Growl. Grumble. Repeat. and that wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Many thanks to Wendy, who suggested giving Genius a reboot. If my internet connection would Just. Stay. Connected. it probably would work. I turned Genius off, restarted it (a process requiring my user name and password – neither of which I could remember without requesting help from Apple grrr, grrr, grrr) and it began whirring and churning. The gathering information process didn’t take long, but it was still sending information to Apple FIVE HOURS LATER when I got back from my volunteer gig at the prison.

Of course I left it on overnight, and of course the connection closed during the process. So I’m starting over again this morning. We shall see what we shall see.

Another grumble: The rowing machine. Apparently I still (are you getting tired of italics yet?) haven’t installed the damned cable correctly. After only five pulls yesterday morning the outer plastic coating split. Not to worry, though, a new cable is on the way. Should you need a cable installed on your Tunturi Rower, give me a holler. Repairing rowing machines is my new hobby.

To counteract all this negative thinking, I have to remember there is much (that deserves italics) for which to be grateful. My father continues to improve. While he still has many health problems, his attitude is good. He has leg problems and is seeing a new doctor today to try to get that resolved. He’s lost more than a hundred pounds since last June, and is still working on losing another 20 or 25. For someone approaching 79 (next month), the fact that he hasn’t given up is remarkable.

My husband got some good news yesterday about a situation that has been causing him a great deal of anxiety. Whenever he feels anxious, everyone around him does, as well. So the dogs and I were most happy for him. (I just can’t quit with the italics, can I?)

I’ve had some freelance graphic design work come my way, which has been fun and profitable. It’s always good when you can earn some money sitting on your ass doing something interesting.

My neighbor made the first pass over the garden area with his tractor yesterday. He said the ground was still a little too wet, and thought I might want to make the space bigger. He said he’d be back to finish it up when he felt it was the right time, and since his garden is always lush and full of produce, I trust him to know when that time is. I’m delighted to have that little patch tilled up; it seems so full of promise!

So the good stuff outweighs the bad two to one – my thinking is going in the right direction. Let’s just hope Genius is, too. It’s been more than an hour since it started over this morning, and this is the message I get:

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PastaQueen said...

I haven't gotten Genius to work right either and I'm a tech person. Maybe I just have too many MP3s?