Thursday, March 19, 2009

Many thanks …

for your comments yesterday. I managed to stay on course, and hope to do the same today. Buying that Milky Way was a deliberate act of defiance and didn’t solve anything. But wouldn’t it be great if a candy bar could fix stuff? We wouldn’t need plumbers any more!

The time-sucking activity du jour will be painting my living room. Well, most of it, anyway. I need another gallon of paint to do the center part of it, but I have enough to do all the walls and woodwork. That should keep me out of the pantry and refrigerator, doncha think? (Our living/dining/kitchen area is a hexagon. The center of the hexagon is one wall of the kitchen backed by some built-in bookshelves and a fireplace. That’s the part that will remain unpainted until I can get back to Lowe’s.)

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