Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off the wagon

I ate a Milky Way candy bar last night, a totally emotional response to a completely out-of-my-control event.

For some people faced with a stressful situation, the automatic response is a clenched stomach along with, “I’m just so ____________ I can’t eat a bite.” Me? Not so much. Food is the automatic go-to-source of comfort and calm when things get tense.

So today I’ll get back on the horse. I have a big day planned, full of activity that will take my mind off food. Dinner will be a simple salad of romaine and salad vegetables topped with goat cheese and grilled chicken.

Who knows … maybe by dinner time I’ll be so tired I won’t be able to eat a bite. Heh.


Marla said...

I don't think anything ever has made me lose my appetite. Ever.

LG said...

Once when I had to put my beloved cat to sleep (all by myself, then husband didn't want to go), I lost 10 pounds in one week from crying. I used to joke that the other cat had better stop pooping in the living room or I'd use her for another 10 pounds. (Ex-husband didn't appreciate that joke since that was HIS cat.)

I'd rather not think of what else could cause me to stop eating.

Just remember, you fell off but the wagon is still in front of you!

denise said...

I like that you fell off the wagon, but you're getting back on the horse - sounds like you're going to really take charge and make sure the wagon goes in the right direction! No reason to depend on those pesky reins to keep things in line! ;-)

One Milky Way seems pretty innocuous to me - if I could eat one and stop, turn around, and get back on that horse, I'd be one happy camper. Sadly, for me, one Milky Way leads to another, and then something salty to offset it and then something sweet to offset that and so the downward spiral begins.

So pat yourself on the back and keep on riding.