Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I miss about Florida

It probably goes without saying (although I’ll say it anyway) that I miss my Dad. When I left last Saturday, I had the eery feeling that I might not see him again. That’s probably unrealistic; he’s doing better with the current drug regimen and pacemaker than he has in nearly a year. Nevertheless, that was the overriding thought as I drove away.

Other things I miss about the Sunshine State:
  • Flat land: It was so-so-so easy to just lace up and hit the road. One day I took three walks, just because I could. West Virginia is not flat. Oh, there are a couple of semi-flat roads nearby, tracing a river, but I have to drive four or five miles to get to them. When I left the front door at Dad’s, I was walking. When I leave my front door, I’m trudging up a hill.

  • Warm temperatures: Need I say more? Well, I will anyway. It has been bitterly cold here ever since I got home. I would be risking frostbite if I walked outside. Thank goodness for HGTV and the DIY network, and a treadmill that faces the television.

  • Fresh fruit: The fruit in Florida is unsurpassed, and since I’m on Phase II of South Beach, I enjoyed red grapefruit, the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten and wonderful oranges. The strawberries in our Tiny Kroger may say they came from Plant City, Florida, but it’s been a few days.

  • Not watching cable news 24/7: Since my dad is not invested in the stock market, he doesn’t sit around obsessing about his retirement account, as my husband does. My husband retired a year ago – the worst possible timing, as it turns out – and he’s a compulsive Dow number watcher. All it does is depress him. Dad and I watched old movies or The Andy Griffith Show, and only turned the news on once a day. If that.
There’s more that I miss, but those are at the top of my list. There were things I missed from home when I was there – my husband, my dogs, my yarn stash – but we could move those south if we wanted to. You can’t make molehills out of mountains. Heh.


PastaQueen said...

Man, now I want to visit Florida. Best wishes to your dad!

LG said...

I'm sure your dad will be okay; it's just you're still worried about him and we all know how quickly things can change. But let's think of how quickly it can change for the better.

I've only been once to Fla and that was St. Petersburg -- it was very easy to get around IF you could remember if your destination was a street or an avenue. My aunt and I were a bunch of yokels..."Look, there's trees with ORANGES on them!"

I'm glad you found the good things in Florida and yes, we did miss you. (hey, my word verification is persist!)