Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally ...

I know y’all are getting tired of my whining about crappy dial-up internet service. May I just say that this morning I was connected for ONE HOUR before I could get the “Create Post” page to load? Grrr.

And I really don’t have much to say. I wanted to show you a detail of the lampshade I recovered and trimmed yesterday, because it just looks so cool. Wonder how long it will take for a photo to load?

Eight minutes. Eight minutes, people!

My husband and I have had semi-serious discussions about moving just because of the internet. We used to think city water would be the best thing to happen to the middle of nowhere. We’ve changed our mind. (Probably because we finally found someone who knew what was wrong with our pump and well, and properly fixed it. Two years ago. Knock on wood.)

Anyway, my hot glue gun and I had a good time yesterday morning and I only burned myself twice.

In knitting news, you can see the knitted I-cord trim at the upper and lower edges of the shade. I think it looks great. Don’t tell me if you think it doesn’t. I’ll be crushed.

In further knitting news I started an afghan, because I hate the woven throw we’ve had in the living room for, literally, years. I hate knitting blankets, too, but I guess I hate the throw more than I hate knitting a new one. The pattern is in the spring issue of Vogue Knitting. I’m using a cream-colored wool and hoping it works. Swatch? Not for a blanket.

In fitness news, I got re-acquainted with the treadmill. We had a 50-minute date and I was quite a sweaty mess when we were finished. Heh.

In further fitness news that relates directly to running, I’ve made a verbal commitment to run the Richmond Half-Marathon again this year. It’s in November, so I have a long, long time to continue to lose some weight and then train for the run.

It’s so silly for me to call it a race.

At any rate, I feel more motivated to work out knowing there’s something on the schedule, even if it is seven months away.

Hope your week is going well.


Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, how fabulous that you are going to be training for a half-marathon. One of the things I miss most is running. I have committed myself to a 5k (3 miles) in June and am most excited, even if some of that will probably be walked! Why is your hubby not keen on you doing a full marathon (I am new to your blog and may have missed why!)? Anyway, great news and it sounds like you are doing so well!

denise said...

Sorry, I don't think your lampshade is great...I think it's Fabulous! It all came together really well. You've got the touch when it comes to crafty things. I'm quite envious.

All that and a sweaty "date" as well - I'm envious of that too even if it was with a treadmill. Lord knows that's the kind of date I need to have if I'm ever to get one of the more desireable kind!