Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let’s see, what shall I wear?

Sunday was a no-brainer as far as choosing clothing. With afternoon temperatures in the low 70s, it was time to pull out shorts and a tee-shirt. Today? Not so much.

It snowed last night. I believe I might wear a sweater today. And wool socks. It could be my last opportunity until November.

Yesterday was a no-exercise day, but I stayed busy, cleaning the master bath and then sealing the grout (finally!) in there, making some throw pillows for the living room and deciding to try again with the lampshades. My fabric stash is puny, but I had enough of a pretty beige and black tattersall check to cover both of them, and I like it better than what was there before.

My ribbon stash yielded nothing suitable for trim, though, so I got out the I-cord maker and started cranking out separate lengths of beige and black I-cord. I’m going to twist the two cords together and hot-glue it to the upper and lower edges of the shade. I might even post a photo.

I also put two-thirds of the grandchildren’s photos on the wall above the piano. I dithered about painting the frames (they’re black), but in the end decided to leave them as is. That’s also what I’m going to do with the curio cabinet. I think.

Why only two-thirds of the grandchildren? I don’t have individual photos of the older two, but I’ve asked my daughter if she could send some.

Since I didn’t walk outside in the rain yesterday or inside on the treadmill, that’s definitely on the schedule today. Don’t know what other trouble I’ll get into, but you’ll hear about it tomorrow. If the internet cooperates, that is.

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LG said...

This weather is crazzzy! Rain, cold and now cold winds. You're really being productive and it makes me sick! I'm sitting here at work and I'd rather be doing what you're doing. :-)