Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Four days in a row …

without a workout.

This is not good, my friends. Especially when the scale number continues to go down. That’s not exactly any kind of incentive to hop on the treadmill, is it?

Yesterday I had to mow. Even though it was cold. And raining. Well, sprinkling. And I only did a little bit of what needed to be done. I wore gloves, a hat and a half-zip fleece jacket to mow my lawn. There is so much wrong with that picture.

My second job yesterday was grooming our older dog Molly. She’s part Australian shepherd, and thus is very furry. And she also seems to be extraordinarily sensitive to the heat. If the temperature is above 40, she lies on the cool bathroom tiles panting.

So I got out the clippers and an hour and a half later (and half a garbage bag of fur) we were done. The transformation is astonishing – she both looks and acts like a different dog.

I was covered in dog hair, of course, and the only thing I wanted to do was take a shower. And I’m not one to shower and then work out and get all sweaty and take another shower.

So I’ll blame the lack of workout yesterday on the dog. That’s always a good excuse. Heh.


LG said...

That's funny. Maybe this is the right thing to do -- avoid the treadmill if you're losing weight. :-) You went out and mowed and if you're on any incline, that should be some workout. (I'm assuming you're using a hand mower and not a riding mower...then all bets are off.)

Have you tried the Furinator to brush Molly? It's amazing -- Anne from altopower will vouch for its effectiveness with fuzzy cats as well and they have a dog sized one.

Fat[free]Me said...

And today?