Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Quote Day

[Spring is] a true reconstructionist.
~ Henry Timrod

Isn’t that so true?

We had a lovely spring day here in the Middle of Nowhere yesterday, and while my exercise streak ended at two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), my yard is now completely mowed and all my seedlings have been transplanted to bigger pots. Next stop: the garden!

It occurred to me while I was playing in the potting soil that spring cleaning is no joke, and that it is not limited to our homes. These thoughts are not new or original, but are worth revisiting, at least once a year. Preferably in April. Heh.

We had a relatively mild winter, no snow to speak of and only a couple weeks of bitterly cold temperatures. And yet winter not only slows me down, it brings me down. Yesterday was such a change from both the winter months and the previous three days of cold, rainy, drab dreariness, I couldn’t help but feel energized and, well, better.

Better from what, I can’t really say. But better. And this morning when I stepped outside, I had this strange thought: If I’d been dressed in running gear, I’d just go flying down the driveway and up the mountain. I really felt that strong and light and energetic.

Good thing I had my pajamas on, eh?

The trees are in leaf, the daffodils are fading, the weeds are already taking over. It’s spring, for sure, finally. Time to renew, recharge, revitalize … reconstruct. Who’s joining me?

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Doc Manette said...

I'm in.

I had that thought process this past Easter, I felt sort resurrected (hope not to sac-religious sounding)and was ready to begin living again.