Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sniff, sniff

Mowing in early spring makes my eyes water, my nose stuffy and my general disposition kinda cranky. While I do sort of enjoy the chore – I feel like a farmer out there on the mower – I definitely don’t enjoy the allergic reaction. Fortunately it’s usually short-lived.

Anne wondered how far Carrboro was from me. (And by the way, kudos to your parking lot buddies with all those hybrid cars!) It’s a four- to five-hour drive, probably closer to four. I’ve never driven straight to there from here (previously have gone with someone who lives in the area). It’s a very walkable area, and is also bike-friendly.

And Lori wanted to know if I’ve visited A Southern Season in Chapel Hill. Oh. My. Yes. My son has given me gift certificates there a couple times and it’s a wonderful experience. Totally different from Weaver Street, of course, but definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area.

I sound like a cheerleader for the Triangle, don’t I?

So the big decision today is: Plant or wait? It’s going to get cool again by the weekend – down to 45° Sunday night. I guess I could go ahead and plant seeds and wait until it’s a little warmer to plant seedlings. I’m anxious to get the seedlings in the ground so I can have their little plant stand for potted herbs.

But the first thing I’m doing (after posting this, of course) is running! Yes, I am! I feel kind of sluggish (sniff, sniff), but I’m not letting that get in my way today. Because tomorrow? It may rain.

Someone from Wasila, Alaska, visited the blog yesterday. Do you s’pose it was Sarah? Heh.

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