Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Quote Day

“It’s not knowing what to do,
it’s doing what you know.”

~ Anthony Robbins

(I found this quote last week and had every intention of having it autopost last Friday, when I was gone. Alas (I love typing ‘Alas’!), the computer was being uncooperative, so I’m trying again.)

I have a minor quibble with this quote, but generally it speaks to every one of us who is trying to get fitter and/or thinner. We know what to do. We’re not stupid. It’s not like we’ve never heard of vegetables and walking and fiber and water and … well, you know.

I would even go so far as to say that many of us – in fact, most of us – already are doing the right thing(s).

In my case, though, I’m throwing in a few wrong things, as well and, to be honest, I’m totally not doing a couple of things I used to do.

The question is, “Why?”

I wish I knew the answer. Why have I quit drinking water, for instance? I used to drink at least four, and usually six, half-liter bottles of water every day. I’ve been feeling guilty about the trash space they take up. (We don’t have curbside recycling here in the Middle of Nowhere. Heck, we don’t even have curbs!) But I have a recycling station for soda cans. It wouldn’t be difficult to set up another one for plastic bottles.

(I hate, hate, hate the taste of our water. Learning to love, love, love it would be a very good project.)

And why can I not get back to some kind of elementary weight-training program? The heaviest lifting I do is when I pick up my knitting needles. (The afghan is almost finished. Only 96 more boring rows to go. When I started there were 320.)

The quote quibble I have is when you really don’t know what to do. Say, for instance, you’d like to run a marathon but you’re not all that into running. You, being the smart person you are, know you need to train, but you don’t know the ins and outs of preparing to run that far in only one day.

What you do know how to do, though, is use Google to find training programs. Or use to find books on how to run marathons.

Or peruse your own bookshelves to find the book you bought when you were first inspired to do such a crazy thing.

I have a little time to decide if it will be a full or a half this fall. Hopefully, it’s enough time to get back to drinking water, lifting weights and losing weight.


denise said...

Ugh...I SO hear you about all of this but especially the water. I am scheduled to donate blood on Sunday, so I'm plumping up my otherwise small/deep veins by drinking lots of water these next days - something I used to do all the time with no problem. But once you get out of the habit...

...very frustrating indeed!

LG said...

Can you add anything to the water to make it more palatable?

Great quote and great thoughts; I'd write more but I'm running out of steam.