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Friday Quote Day

Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are.

~ Theodore Roosevelt

Here's what I had yesterday, waiting under a tree for me to finish spreading topsoil.

And here's a not-very-good shot of the result.

I was out in the hot sun breaking my back for five hours yesterday. Most days I've had to stop after three. But I'm the kind of person who, when the end is in sight, just has to keep going.

That's a good thing in running, isn't it? I'll have to nurture that personality quirk.

My husband suggested I take today off. I still have six tomato plants to get in the ground and the vegetable garden needs some serious weeding. He has to work this morning, so what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

My biggest challenge yesterday was getting rid of an old, woody lavender plant that hasn't been pretty for a couple of years. It was huge! As I kept chopping away at it, I heard distinct buzzing and there were more bees than I would have expected hovering around a dead lavender bush. Turns out they'd built a nest in the roots.

I only got stung once.

Hope your weekend is a good one!


denise said…
Beautiful! I envy you your green thumb - mine's totally brown when it comes to plants.

I have blackeyed susans in the front of my townhome, as do the neighbors on both sides of me. All are tended by the landscaping crew that takes care of the property.

So why are theirs so lush and beautiful and mine appear to be blooming already wilted? Apparently just being in my vicinity is enough to kill a plant. I don't have to touch it or tend it or anything! Amazing...

Hope you follow your husband's advice and give yourself a break soon. Sounds like you deserve a rest.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, a bees' nest - I think that would have sent me running away screaming. You approach things with focus and determination, whether it's gardening or running or all the other things you do. At least you have very visible results to show for your efforts!

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