Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overwhelmed … and almost done

The weeding continues; I figure I've put about 16 hours into this project so far, with another eight or 10 or 12 to go. I'm not putting "weed-pulling" on my resume, that's for sure!

I had a consult with my friend who owns a garden center yesterday afternoon, and together we chose the plants that will be replacing the weeds. Ferns and zebra grass and astilbe, oh my! And a couple other things I can't remember the name of. She kept encouraging me to call things by their real names instead of "that pink spiky thing."

I was overwhelmed with the selection and I am overwhelmed at the amount of physical labor remaining to be done and there are still three smallish spaces that need to be landscaped still. We didn't even talk about those spots. One thing at a time.

I guess that's how I should approach my race training, as well. When I finish the gardens, I can start running. But honestly, I can't do both.

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