Monday, June 29, 2009

Is it Monday already?

I'd love to have another weekend. Which probably sounds weird coming from someone who doesn't work during the week. Every day should be the same, right? But I still separate weekdays from weekends, and I'd like a little extra leisure time. Instead, I'll be mowing and weedeating.

Backtracking a bit, the rally in DC was definitely worth going to. The event was organized to push for a public option in the healthcare bill, but I felt there were plenty of single-payer supporters there. Edie Falco was the celebrity speaker, lots of union people shared their stories (union members, by far, made up the majority of the crowd, which was estimated at 10,000), and a few politicians spoke in favor of the public option.

We pretty much know single-payer won't happen this time around, and we're beginning to have doubts about the public option. Which leaves healthcare right where it is now: Insurance companies are in charge. Those who think single-payer means the government determines your healthcare treatment should stop and think about the current system, in which the insurer determines who you can see and whether they'll pay for treatment. And they charge you exorbitant premiums, have high deductibles and co-pays and create far too much administrative hassles for your physician's staff. We need a fundamental change, but I'm afraid the lobbyists' contributions speak louder than We The People.

Thank you, Sherry, for your comment, and it was good to meet you, too. I found the article you mentioned. I'd like to find which Democratic Senators are not on board with the public option. We need to write more letters, make more phone calls, get louder about this.

But enough about that.

Since I last posted, I've run once, walked twice (and walked a lot in DC) and knit nothing. I need to get this blog back to its original intention. The knitting, as I've mentioned before, has really slowed down since the death of Nancy, my best knitting buddy. I've sold a lot of yarn, but I still have a lifetime supply and I hope the knitting mojo returns. I haven't sold the good stuff – Nancy would approve of that.

I spray-painted a piece of furniture Saturday and yesterday and this morning I can barely talk or breathe. I don't recommend inhaling paint spray under any circumstances. I had to do the job in the garage and didn't realize how hazardous it really was. (Last time I spray-painted anything it was outdoors.) I figured with the garage door open, it wouldn't be a problem. My bad. Cough-cough.

I hope by tomorrow I feel strong enough to run. And I might even sit and knit a bit today.

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LG said...

It sounds like you are keeping busy and doing very constructive things. The rally looked very intersting and I saw the photos on FB.

I think it's great that you're keeping the good yarn. I think you'll get the knitting bug again but you've been very very productive over the past few months. Maybe you need some time off?