Monday, June 15, 2009

It's all our fault

I assume if you're reading this blog you're living – or interested in living – a healthy lifestyle. (You also might be a knitter. Heh.)

You eat modest portions of healthful foods. You don't smoke. You watch your weight. You exercise.

So you might be surprised to learn that, according to one media pundit, those of us who exercise are putting more stress on the health care system.

Read it and weep with laughter. (Also? I refuse to link to the pundit's website. That's why the link goes to Kos.)

So, yes, I've been MIA for a week. We had company and I needed a break. Also, I discovered over the weekend that early morning is cooler than midday. Imagine that. I have a large, weedy vegetable garden and working in it at noon is decidedly more difficult than working in it at, say, 8 a.m.

Pulling weeds has been the sum total of my exercise this week. Not sure when I'll get back to a running program, but it needs to be soon if I'm going to run a half-marathon this fall.

My long driveway is lined on both sides with low rock walls and perennials. Last year my dad got sick at the beginning of the gardening season, and I didn't tend to the perennials at all. So this year I have two seasons worth of dead leaves and weeds to get rid of. I dumped ten wheelbarrows full of debris yesterday, and that's not even half of the work that remains.

We ate our first crops in our salad last night. Yes, my $100 garden experiment has, so far, yielded 50 cents worth of radishes. Yum. Can't wait for the green beans. Heh.

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denise said...

Well I can definitely say I don't smoke - but these days that's about the only way I qualify for your description. I guess I can thank my lucky stars I'm not harming myself with exercise ;-)

Actually, I am starting to eat better - sporadically at least. Exercise will come along some day (soon I hope).

Sounds like your garden is providing you with lots of good bending/squatting, lifting/pushing, etc. Ten wheelbarrow loads can't have come without some good amount of effort. And although it's not running...or sounds like there was lots of repeating, so you're still on target for the blog!

Congrats on your first crop. I was thinking I might try my hand at tomatoes this year, but I think I missed the window on that. I'm a total brown thumb anyway, so it's probably for the best.