Monday, June 8, 2009


What a weekend! I’ve been running full-tilt since Friday night, and I really don’t see how that’s going to change for the next few days.

My intentional exercise has been limited to a long walk Saturday morning to buy strawberries from our Amish neighbors. (Two gallons! My husband came along to help tote them. Oh, and to pay for them. Heh.)

But the incidental activity has been off the chart, with more to come. I worked in the garden, weeding and transplanting seedlings, for a couple hours yesterday morning. (Finally, finally, I have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and cabbage growing outside. The green beans, spinach, radishes and flowers are all coming up great. The snow peas? I think rabbits like tender snow-pea shoots.)

Then I painted doors for nearly three hours yesterday afternoon. With more still to do.

The remainder of Saturday was spent cooking and cleaning in preparation for our Organizing for America event to discuss healthcare reform. If you’re a regular reader here, you know I support a single-payer plan. Even though that’s not going to happen this year, I feel certain we’re heading in that direction.

Our guests were like-minded. So much so that two of them will be joining us on our next trip to Washington, DC, to participate in a national rally later this month.

I guess my intentional activity for June 25 is already scheduled!


Marla said...

I've often wished I had a life that naturally included more exercise - that's such a better way to live than having to section off an hour specifically to work out!

denise said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list of activities! Glad to hear you're revved up and on the move. I agree with Marla, a more active life is better than an hour at a gym any day!

altopower said...

Good grief, you are a busy lady! I'm glad you didn't plan more intentional exercise given how much you did just because it was productive work (I love the idea of such a wonderful garden). Your enthusiastic attitude say a lot about where your head is these days.