Monday, July 20, 2009


Beginning July 7, I've walked a minimum of five miles every single day, bring the total up to 67.7 miles. I'll be walking between the raindrops today (as I also did on Friday), but ya know what? I won't melt. And walking outside – even in the rain – is better than walking on the treadmill.

Will I run again? I'm not sure. I might need to change the name of the blog. I think if I lost 20 pounds I'd feel better about running and certainly if I lost 40 I'd be right back at it. I'm a little concerned that pounding the road at 5 mph would affect my knees a little more than it does at 3.5 mph.

So. No fall race for me. My husband and I are thinking about going to Florida in January, maybe I'll find one there. Then again, maybe not. It's all contingent on my weight.

Now the good thing is I'm enjoying the walking whether I'm losing weight or not, and that was my goal. I wouldn't be lying if I told you I wish 67.7 miles had resulted in a couple pounds gone. But it hasn't, and that's – as Stuart Smiley would say – okay.

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altopower said...

Your persistence with the daily walking says a lot for how it's working for you in more ways than just exercise. I know you love the running and participating in races, but you're smart to evaluate what your knees can handle.