Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Quote Day

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear.
Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear,
do not sit home and think about it.
Go out and get busy.”

~ Dale Carnegie

Whether I'm losing weight or not (I'm not), my daily walks are definitely beneficial to my mental health. I'm not surprised by this – certainly many of us have read about and/or experienced the emotional lift we get when we exert ourselves physically.

Sitting around thinking about how fat I am won't help me lose weight. And even though logging all these miles (52.2 since July 7) hasn't resulted in a loss (are you surprised, Marla? Me, neither!), I'm not going to stop walking.

I don't feel defeated, not at all. Astonishingly, I look forward to the walk each and every morning. It's the first thing I think about. As I mentioned yesterday I had to get it done early because the rest of the day was packed. The phone rang about five minutes after I finished yesterday – it was the doctor's office needing to reschedule my appointment. I thought about turning right around and taking another walk!

Then I came to my senses and did the errands I'd intended to do after I finished the doctor's appointment.

The point of today's blather – and today's quote – is that doing something is better than not doing something. If you're just starting a walking program, doing a little is better than doing a lot. I don't recommend trying to walk five miles if you've only been thinking about walking. Start small and slow, give yourself a chance for success, and define success.

The smart thing I did this time around was to not make the daily walk contingent on weight loss. The daily walk is, simply, a daily walk, something I enjoy, and a good way to start my day.


ws said... I can read that quote and think it is all about me and has NOTHING, not a single thing in the world, to do with walking. thanks for sharing.

denise said...

"Sitting around thinking about how fat I am won't help me lose weight."

As it turns out, sitting around eating junk food while contemplating how unfair life is because you're fat doesn't result in weight loss either - just in case you were thinking of giving that a try! ;-)

A daily walk sounds wonderful - right now - but not so much so when the alarm goes off in the a.m. and the alternative is more sleep...that's my excuse du jour.

I need to make time for a walk or a trip to the gym, etc. I know I do...deep down I think I want to...but it apparently hasn't gotten close enough to the surface to put into action yet.

This was great to read. I need to figure out how to uncouple the exercise/weight loss thing and enjoy the exercise...hmmm...pass me a bon bon while I contemplate that! :-)