Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I really should take more pictures

Actually, I really should transfer more pictures from my camera to my computer. Then you'd be able to see what we've been able to harvest and eat lately.

Last night's dinner was a vegetable feast. The curried squash soup wasn't quite curried enough, but that's easy enough to fix. We also ate the last of Monday's cole slaw, a couple of fried zukes and some corn-and-green bean succotash. (The beans were ours; I bought the homegrown corn from a farmer's market.)

Meat? Who needs it?

(Actually, I have no intention of going completely meatless, but we had plenty of food for dinner without it.)

Denise, my husband wouldn't know a weed from a watermelon if they were growing side-by-side. He promises to learn and help next year, but we'll see how that goes. He has a way of promising to do things in the future that somehow never get done. He's very valuable in other ways – I couldn't be retired without him – and since today is our third wedding anniversary, I really ought not to say anything negative about him at all.

We agree that we've really made a wonderful life for ourselves, and that we look forward to each new day, month and year with anticipation and hope.

It might be different if I were still a Republican. Heh.

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denise said...

Well I suppose we all have our special talents and it sounds like your husband is pretty special even if weeding isn't his forte. So I guess it makes sense that you keep him around... ;-)

Happy Anniversary! Can't believe it's 3 years already. I was reading your blog when you got married and it sure doesn't seem like that's been 3 years. In fact I would have been hard pressed to believe 2 had passed already.

I guess this is just another area where my Mom was right (shh...don't tell her I said so) - that the older we get the faster time passes.