Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're becoming professional town hall attendees

Yesterday's event was, in a word, contentious. Lots of yelling and booing (our Congressman is a Democrat), lots of minds already made up, lots of misinformation. Sigh. Supporters of health insurance reform were outnumbered by about a 10-to-1 margin, which accounted for my slightly elevated blood pressure when I went to the doctor later that day. (He was at the town hall meeting, too, although I didn't see him there. Interesting to be talking politics when your legs are in stirrups and you're wearing a paper gown.)

Those who oppose health insurance reform had their questions neatly printed out and they read them very well. Even the woman who insisted that President Obama was born in Kenya.

Need I say more?

We're going to another one today, this time in Virginia. I'm going to have to walk eight miles a day the rest of the week to make up for yesterday and today. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

P.S. I forgot to schedule my annual appointment last year, so it's been two years since I've seen this physician. He applauded me for my five-mile-a-day plan and said I'd be able to lose 30 pounds in no time. HAH! I promised him I would work on my attitude.

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